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Welcome to our Usborne homeschool library! 

There's one thing my husband and I consider invaluable for our kiddos, BOOKS! Before there was an "us", I was an Education Major and an After-School Teacher and that is when the collection began. Over the years, I acquired books from everywhere: Michael's, Books-a-Million, Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart and more. As there became a "we" and then we had kids, somewhere along the way I discovered Usborne Books & More and discovered what I had been missing! 

As we begin this homeschooling journey with Nathan entering Pre-K, my addiction, I mean my love for expanding our library, has only grown. I am so excited to share our current library, Usborne Books & More, with you and your kiddos.

 What is a "Unit builder"? These books would be a great addition to an Homeschooling Unit. 

**Please note that these links go directly to my Personal Usborne Books & More website. I will receive a commission from your purchase, but it will not affect the cost of your purchase. Thank you for supporting The Doshers!**


Picture of That's Not My Tractor



Picture of Find the Puppy



Picture of That's Not My Elephant


Picture of That's Not My Llama


Picture of Baby's Very First Touchy-Feely Animals Book


Picture of Colorful World: Sea 

We love getting Usborne for Christmas! Harper received this just a few days ago!



The Read with Usborne series has multiple purposes in my opinion.

...They are well written and easy to read. The illustrative clues will be fantastic when he begins to read on his own.

...Many of the titles in the Read with Usborne also have accompanying Accelerated Reader quizzes. These are perfect to help with AR points for public schooling and also a great addition for homeschoolers. 

Quizzes can be found here > https://usborne.com/browse-books/reading-level-and-age/accelerated-reader/ 

...They are also the perfect length for a bed time story. Not too long. Not too short.


Picture of On the Farm


Picture of Elephants

*Unit builder


Picture of Town Mouse and the Country Mouse, The


Picture of Gingerbread Man, The

Nathan LOVES to recite the Gingerbread Mans running song. It is a bedtime favorite! This has also inspired me to learn how to make gingerbread! 


Picture of Billy Goats Gruff, The

Another bed time favorite!


Picture of Christopher Columbus

*Unit builder


Picture of Giraffe in the Bath


Picture of Under the Ground

*Unit builder


Picture of Animally


Picture of Lifesize

This book is just plain cool!

*Unit builder


Picture of Never Get Bored Outdoors (IR)

*Unit builder

We currently have this one on the shelf. Nathan is itching for spring so we can give it some lovin'.


Picture of My First Reference Book About How Things Grow (IR)

*Unit builder


Picture of First Encyclopedia of Seas & Oceans (IL)

*Unit builder

Nathan received this as a Christmas gift just the other day! 


Picture of Secrets of the Seashore - Shine-a-Light

*Unit builder

We have a lamp to read by at night. The boys love to see the pages come to life as we hold the book up to the light! 


Picture of You Are a Star


Picture of Race to the End of the World (Book 1)

Chapter books are a night time staple in our house. They allow the boys to be read to but without the stimulation of the pictures. We pull these out on nights when its been an over stimulating day and they just simply need to rest. 


Picture of Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster


Picture of Magic Painting Book

I have this put away for a snowy day come January!



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